Thursday, November 12, 2015

The least that a mama could do..

Being a maidless working mom is really tiring. plus when your husband is outstation or coming home late. 

when u have to fetch your kids from nursery. front carry the baby (thanks to ssc) and hold the 2 yo hands. and bring all the bagsss..nursery bag mama's handbag, cooler bags. how u wish u are an octopus. lol. lucky me my apartment got lift. i can't imagine those mama who need to walk up with all the baggage.

once u reached home, u need to put down everything and start working as a mama; clean up your kids..feed them. solat. continue feeding adik to sleep (while kakak making noise trying to get mama's attention). settle with adik, get up and play with kakak..have dinner and then persuade kakak to go to sleep...then mama can start CCA session while kakak is drinking milk..CCA: cilik celik aquran. a method that was introduced by Ustazah Nurul Hayati during mum to mum seminar. it's actually reading juz amma surahs to your little ones repeatedly at least 3 session per day. in hope, that one day it'll be easy for them to hafaz those surahs since it has been stimulated, and get into their subconscious mind when they were little. that's the least that mama could do...and mama goes to sleeep together with the kidszzzz..until ding dong! ayah is home!! 

I really hope my little effort to teach them al quran is blessed by Allah swt..and may He ease the road to raise these little caliphs to be a great worshipper of Allah swt and His messenger, Rasulullah saw..insyaAllah.


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