Tuesday, December 23, 2008

pasting asha's

having so much in mind....hormonal..disturbia..huhuhuhu..byk tol masalah pompuan neh.haih.

hmm..this one poem from asha really touch me inside..=p..so i decided to paste it here..plus i dunno wut to write..hehe

love at first sight, i believe no
lovers come, lovers go
if i leave, im not romeo
maybe just another gigolo

im not a man anymore
hopes i grow and then i throw
mankind couldn't be such low
she just couldn't take much more

curse on me to kill her feeling
happy with new one, but she's dying
great love's within me, her tears flowing
i care but i have a brand new darling

this poem reflects every brokenhearted women...isn't it.so was me.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

miGraIn or geNius?

migrain.my biggest enemy.huhu.last exm week was hectic.ive tried my very best to manage time for stdy, rest, n fun tym.

afterall..i tink,i did it well.hehe..mom said..dun stdy too much..huhu..becoz she doesn't wnt me to suffer fr migrain-->take lots of painkiller-->make worst of mysev. hmm.i cannot stdy too much..how cn i score?

Allah s.w.t will help us as long as we hope n pray to Him..the only Him.my mom said. yeap...dats undeniable isnt it.

i always make sure i hd enuff sleep(8hours) per day.i stdy half day(make fully use of it) n the rest of the tym..i rest(poye2). it works. ive reduced the dose of painkillers@panadol.

i stop stdying at least an hour before exm..not even discussing..i hd some nap. ppl might see see me as a cool person..or lazy..or bajet bgs..heuheuehue..bt i dun care...as long as i cn avoid stress..which will later lead to Migrain.

during chem exm..i got migrain..bt luckily..i still cn answer most of the qs.thnk u Allah.even during geology 102(structural geology) i suffer frm flu.huu..it's damn adventurous..struggling with flu...essays..and drawings..during the most critical unit's exm. i answer very fast...n get out of the room very early. some pple may tink m too genius cn answer very fast..n some my tink m bajet like always..haha..n some may be pity of me..tgk me not feeling well lyk dat...but the truth is..alhamdulillah i cn do all..but maybe not as successful as others..n i need to go out early becoz i cannot stand the pain..plus m ashame of mysev making noises along the exam period..coughing n sneezing.huhu..gross.

i always wnt to be a smart student..very hardworking..the one who cn work best under pressure..n a person who is very determine in study..but i just can't.huhu.it's fated.isn't it?

i cn only try my best..i wnt to live longer..i herd stress will lead to cancer..i easily get stress out..so ive to manage my stress level very well. family's health history was scary.huhu.i dunt really burst out no matter how big my problem is..i usually keep problems inside..no wonder i got migrain...

i may not get the best of everything in my life.but all i noe is i'll make the best out of everything i hv in life..=)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

test papers..mlsnyer nk stdy blk.urghhh

hoaa..full mark..mm..my retest paper neh.=p

ya Allah...m so tired to stdy chemistry..i envy asha coz she cn happily edit her blog while i suffer stdying chemistry bcoz geo 108's impact havn't leave me yet.
i envy my sister n cousins oso becoz they cn blogging always no matter how bz they r.hukhuk

y shud we take chem 144 final test????????x phm...supposed we dun hv to.haih..pelik tol curtin neh.hmm..can't wait to finish chemistry 144...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, October 26, 2008

life was so busy lately...nxt week is stdy week..but still need to submit field trip report n paleo lab on monday.
ive been thinking of writing this after got back from usrah last week..but im so tired to start typing..
it's about love.huhu..'marahiluttafa u'li bissyahadatain' (tahapan berinteraksi dengan syahadat)

the first level is 'love'.to grow the love for Allah s.w.t...'almahabbah'.or in hindustan we usually heard mohabbatein..it's the same meaning.=]

hmm..talking about true love. i read sumwhere..saying dat true love nie..we need to grow it..it will nvr come easily..n it's not like love yg suddenly dtg..like wut we always herd..tibe2 rase cinta?wek..so..not true.=p

cinta n kasih sayang tu sume dtg dr Allah s.w.t.we cannot stop it. but we hv to remind oursev dat we need to get control over that feeling..bukn that feeling yg control kite. this is when Allah s.w.t cn test us..how kite handle nikmat Allah s.w.t. kalo kita x misused nikmat Allah s.w.t ni insyaAllah berkekalan..

emm..rasenye cm dh slh topic..huhu.but it's related la gk kn.
how to grow the love? bwat sesuatu kerana-Nya..tinggalknlah ape2 yg bukan kerana Dia..it's not easy tho..but try.it cn be done.=]

there r few other levels..but m tired to write all about it..hehe.~

what im trying to say here is: mm..cintailah Allah s.w.t...nescaya kite akan redha dgn ketentuannya..smoge Dia juga redha akn kita..

hmm...smoge ape yg dikarutkn ini..ade pointnyer..=p
as a reminder, to myself...n to whoever that gonna read this post..;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


huuu..so penat this week. last nite i finished 2 assgments..environmental geology n structural..it's fun but so tiring..wut to do..ive to pay for my lazyness..always do last minute..plus im not feeling well few days back..migrain..flu..cold..sorethroat..huu..pity me.=[

back in miri..this week onward will be the most busyest period of this sem..just imagine we hv to chase the tym to complete all topic..test..f.trip..final exam..haih..

i feel so empty inside..mybe because ive so many works..always daydreaming..enjoy life too much..jiwang aje..these all makes me spent too little tym to be close to HIM..plus..it's already syawal..that's what usually happen to muslims..after ramadhan past. life gets back to 'normal'.huuuu..

current condition: m hepyyy???huhuh.probably
status: single??probably

conclusion? no conclusion..im not ready for any transition state..hehe.but im hepy for wut i currently have..thank u Allah!

this is my boy!

picS raya.=]

sElamat ari raya to all. da lmbt ke? br raye-8 meh..huhu

these r few pics tym raya+blk kg aritu..huhu...this year's raya not bad loh..tho not all of the family members gather, this raya still got its own meaning for me.

yana n family still in london..miss u guys so much. other cousins pon raya overseas jgk. anak2 dara only me, dhani, k.yong, k.ijan, bibi n aji..but still..sonok je gosip2.huhuhuhu.

the most happiest people during raya was budak2..my nephews loh..haih. but being an adult also no bad la..got lots of duit raya..(thanx to my akak2 n auntie2 n uncle2.)=p

m sory to all my frens...coz i didn't wish any of u guys during raya..sowi sgt..pity izafi..she called me when i was waiting at lcct for my nxt flight to miri.huhu..sik smpt jmpa gik raya nie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hepy yet sad?..n epy again.

hepy again hepy..dun noe y. but so hepy. yet sad? hmmm..sad for sumone..for a fren who's nvr want to change..who's not yet discover the truth of all the truth..who's nvr learnt from mistakes done before..but i'll always pray for this fren. may Allah s.w.t help him..finding the right path.=]

oh..back to my hepynesss. m goin back home this thursday. i'll be hving a week off 'study life'...but still not totally free coz we got assignmentss to do. but at least..i'll be very much hepy to be with my baby nephew..harraz..hayyan..n akil..m not sure akmal goin back or not.ohh..sorry to my nieces..miss them oso..fina, rosa n nisa.=p..

cant wait to mee my parents..miss them so much..yet worried bout my dad's condition..herd him gettin better but still..x caye coz he always lie bout his condition.huu...n.hmm...lookin fwd meeting my k.ijan..my crazy-unstable sister..oh..new hot storiess...urgghh..gilak la kakakku.

haih..okla..i need sum sleep..esk nk sahur pulak..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

oh..hepy day?

  • chem test was fine. =]
  • mm..i miss somebody
  • sumbody hurts me b4 class just now..bt it's ok..hormonal act jer neh.
  • geo lab was...ok..not bad.today im good.
  • iftar @ hikmah..n then usrah.
  • so...hepy @ usrah..got my new tafsir quran.hehehehhe..n then..i found this one book title: ' how to get angry without feeling guilty' m n asha borrow from there..very interesting i tink..i'll try to finish it by this week..then bg asha plak..
  • after all...today m very hepy to hv this kind of feeling...dun noe how to describe the feeling..it's just too beautifull..peaceful! ah ha..!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wahai hawa..

Wahai Hawa, Kenapa..

engkau tak menghargai nikmat Iman dan Islam itu? Kenapa.. mesti engkau kaku dalam mentaati ajaran-Nya? kenapa.. masih segan mengamalkan isi kandungan-nya ? dan kenapa.. masih was-was dalam mematuhi perintah-Nya?

Wahai Hawa, Sedarlah..
Tangan yang mengoncang buaian.. boleh mengoncang dunia, Sedarlah hawa.. kau boleh mengoncang dunia dengan melahirkan manusia yang hebat!! yakni yang Soleh dan Solehah, kau boleh menggegar dunia dengan menjadi isteri yang taat serta memberi dorongan dan sokongan pada suami yang sejati dalam menegakkan Islam di mata dunia.

Tapi hawa..

jangan sesekali kau cuba menggoncang keimanan lelaki dengan lembut tuturmu, dengan ayu wajahmu, dengan lengguk tubuhmu. Jangan kau menghentak-hentak kakimu untuk menyatakan kehadiranmu. Jangan Hawa, jangan sesekali cuba menarik perhatian kaum Adam yang bukan suamimu.. kerana aku khuatir ia mengundang kemurkaan dan kebencian ALLAH. BAHANA!

Ia bisa memberi kegembiraan pada syaitan.. kerana wanita ialah jala syaitan, alat yang di eksploitasikan oleh syaitan dalam menyesatkan kaum Adam. Hawa, Andai engkau masih remaja.. jadilah anak yang Solehah buat kedua ibu bapamu, andai engkau sudah bersuami.. jadilah isteri yang meringankan beban suamimu, andai engkau seorang ibu.. didiklah anakmu sehingga ia tak gentar memperjuangkan Ad-din ALLAH.

Andai engkau belum berkahwin, jangan kau risau akan jodohmu, ingatlah hawa janji TUHAN kita, wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik. Jangan menggadaikan maruahmu.. hanya semata-mata kerana seorang lelaki, jangan memakai pakaian yang menampakkan susuk tubuhmu hanya untuk menarik perhatian dan memikat kaum lelaki, kerana kau bukan memancing hatinya.. tapi merangsang nafsunya.

Wahai Hawa,
Jangan sesekali dikau mulakan pertemuan dengan lelaki yang bukan muhrim kerana aku khuatir dari mata turun ke hati, dari senyuman membawa ke salam, dari salam cenderung kepada pertemuan dan dari pertemuaan... takut lahirnya nafsu kejahatan yang menguasai diri.

Lelaki yang Baik tidak melihat paras rupa, Lelaki yang Soleh tidak memilih wanita melalui keseksiannya, Lelaki yang Warak tidak menilai wanita melalui keayuaannya, kemanjaannya serta kemampuannya menggoncang iman mereka.

Tetapi hawa,
Lelaki yang Baik akan menilai wanita melalui akhlaknya, peribadinya dan ad-dinnya... Lelaki yang Soleh tidak menginginkan sebuah pertemuan dengan wanita yang bukan muhrimnya kerana dia takut menberi kesempatan pada syaitan untuk mengodanya. Lelaki yang Warak juga tak mahu bermain cinta sebabnya dia tahu apa matlamat dalam sebuah hubungan antara lelaki dan wanita yakni perkahwinan. Oleh itu Hawa, Jagalah pandanganmu, jagalah pakaianmu, jagalah akhlakmu, kuatkan pendirianmu...

Andai kata ditakdirkan tiada cinta dari Adam untukmu, cukuplah hanya cinta ALLAH menyinari dan memenuhi jiwamu, biarlah hanya cinta kedua ibu bapamu yang memberi hangatan kebahagiaan buat dirimu, cukuplah sekadar cinta adik beradik serta keluarga yang akan membahagiakan dirimu. Hawa, Cintailah ALLAH.. dikala susah dan senang kerana kau akan memperolehi cinta dari insan yang juga menyintai ALLAH. Cintailah kedua ibu bapamu.. kerana kau akan perolehi keredhaan ALLAH. Cintailah keluargamu.. kerana tiada cinta selain cinta keluarga.

Hawa ,
Ingatanku yang terakhir, biarlah tangan yang menggoncang buaian ini dapat menggoncang dunia dalam mencapai keredhaan ILAHI. Jangan sesekali.. tangan ini juga yang menggoncang keimanan kaum Adam, kerana aku sukar menerimanya dan aku benci mendengarnya.

....i found this article in iluvislam.com...isn't it interesting? it's not easy to apply tho..but at least we cn remind oursev n boost us to be a better n better muslimah. hope that i'll be like one oneday...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

life is gud n dandy now....but there are few things which r quite disturbing..i ask few people..every each of them gve me different opinions..im much more confused...i don't know whether what m doin now is the right thing to do..may Allah swt bless me in whatever im doing.

i love the way i am right now. im an independent single women. with few new principles. knowledge. focus. n not to b left.. hopes n dreams..

when it comes to hopes n dreams..again..m confused..hhuhu..i admit dat m still not mentally stable. m very much hepy to b with frens..full of laughter n love...but yet m afraid of things dat will happen next.

i hate to talk about guys. im just so tired and enough having 1 failure. m not looking for next. i believe there is no real love. there is no love at first sight. there is no first love. or whatsoever annoying thoughts of love. huhuhu..m not paranoid..m looking fwd meeting sumone new. m just being very careful right now. dats y m full of doubts n that sumtimes not necessary.

hmm...life is so complicated..but i learnt a lot.