Monday, September 28, 2009

aKu riNdu.

Cahaya hati by Opick

Allah engkau dekat
Penuh kasih sayang
Takkan pernah engkau
Biarkan hamba Mu menangis
Karna kemurahan Mu
Karna kasih sayang Mu
Hanya bila diri Mu
Ingin nyatakan cinta
Pada jiwa jiwa yang rela
Dia kekasih Mu
Kau yang selalu terjaga
Yang memberi segala
Allah Rohman Allah Rohim
Allahu Ya Ghofar Ya Nurul Qolbi
Allah Rohman Allah Rohim
Allahu Ya Ghofar Ya Nurul Qolbi
Di setiap nafas di segala waktu
Semua bersujud memuji memuja asthma Mu
Kau yang selalu terjaga
Yang memberi segala
Setiap makhluk bergantung padaMu
Dan bersujud semesta untuk Mu
Setiap wajah mendamba cinta Mu cahaya Mu


Surah Al Fajr (89:15,16)

But the human, when his Lord tries him by
honouring him and blessing him, says, 'My Lord
has honoured me.' Maka adapun manusia, pabila Tuhan mengujinya lalu memuliakannya dan memberinya kesenangan, maka dia berkata, "Tuhanku telah memuliakanku."(15)

But when He tries him by limiting his
provision, he says 'My Lord scorns me.' Namun apabila Tuhan mengujinya lalu membatasi rezekinya, maka dia berkata, " Tuhanku telah menghinaku."(16)

‘The human’ in this verse means he who is not guided by the light of faith. When he is tested
with the lightest of tests, still he fails his test. Allah gives him a noble, honourable position along
with plentiful abundance, so as to test him and see whether he lives up to the responsibilities of
wealth and position or not. But he exhilarates at it and considers it a fitting reward for himself,
and that he deserves what has been given to him. He becomes conceited and considers that God
has chosen him for such blessings, losing sight of the fact that they are a test for him.

When Allah, glory be to Him, tests him with poverty and hardship and straitens his provision, the
human takes it amiss and imagines that Allah is slighting him, and does not perceive it as a test.
This is in contrast to the believer, who sees every condition that comes to him as a trial and a
test; he fears wealth and plenty as it may cause him to be disobedient and not be thankful, while
he is not saddened by poverty for he counts it as a test that will, if he is patient and steadfast,
raise his station.


Friday, September 25, 2009

2nd year 2nd sem Kuching fieldtrip


1st day: raya around Kuching. shopping @ the spring. got my charles n keith heels!

2nd day: start field trip. kayan sandstone. 2 outcrops covered.rilex jerk. @ night lepak dlm bilik.

3rd day: mapping. gila panas. start @ Kg pichin towards terbedu. only 2km but i collapse. baring on the side of the highway..

4th day: visit Jabatan Mineral n Geologi Sarawak. went to observe Bau limestone @ Fairy cave..very nice view. covered 4 area. Gunung Sibanyis & Batu Kitang (tonalite,volcanic rock), Tasik Biru (previously was a gold mine, limestone), and Fairy cave.

5th day: continue mapping @ serian volcanic n Kedadom formation towards terbedu. oh..before that we went to terbedu (border indonesia) 1 outcrop there..turbidite sequence observed. not so hot..lucky!..unluckily..i lost my shades..terjatuh kot..=(

6th day: continue mapping..pedawan formation. until late waterfall.=(

7th day: submit field trip notebook, map, n sketches. shopping @ serikin n the spring. puas ati.=p

8th day: go back miri @ 8. got class @ 11...xnk pegi..=p

A big thanks to dear grupmates: Ming Yi, Mau, Chek Lee and Kenx.
It was fun working with u guys!!

this field trip is much more relaxing compared to last's more like a study+shopping trip for me.

Thnk you Allah for everything.

Friday, September 11, 2009

just 1 minute.

pencapaian terbaru!!

minum susu tym sahur td..sukses. since primary skol lg x minum susu..skrg baru nk try..nnti osteoporosis cmne nk carry baby tol x?!

*****assignment n test tanpa henti********************************

may Allah gv me the bless of tym.amin.

ramadhan da nk abis......=[

Wednesday, September 9, 2009