Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review: Word Flow by Learning Roots

I was searching for Word Flow review on google but couldn't find one so I decided to share my review here.

Word Flow is a flash card of 100 High-frequency words from Al Quran. I discover this method from Pn Lina Karim through one of her VCD products. I started googling if there are any free pdf printables of HFW from al-Quran, but I couldn't find any until I browse through learning roots products and found Word Flow! 

Long story short I bought it and start teaching my kids at home I guess it's a good method since my eldest girl, Aisyah is already bored with alif ba ta aa ii uu aaan iiin uuun. She is enjoying our session with HFW flash card and my baby boy will always be excited during our learning session. I took only 10 mins each session or less. I'll stop when they get excited. This is to maintain their interest in the next session.  So far, I'm loving it. The size is just nice for a 2-year-old but a bit small for the baby. If I can find free printables ill print it bigger following the Glenn Doman flash card size. 

At the bottom of the card, there is a translation of each word in English. Mama can also learn Arabic :)

I would suggest mama out there to try out this method. I hope my kids can learn to read Al Quran easier as their eyes are recognizing the words in the early years. Amin.

The most important is, don't be lazy! There is no point buying educational stuff if u don't teach your kids at home. *reminder to myself* 

Till next time ;)

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