Saturday, March 28, 2009

the Birth daY.=]


she was born on 25th March 1988 at 11.36 pm in University Hospital,KL.
the last child in the family.cute (mase baby la).=p

huhuhuhu.cant believe thats me! y am i so x comel skrg.down.=[

hmm...firstly thnx to everyone who wish me on 
my bday. tq so 
much. hee..feel so happy that day.
though there's no more suprise bday party or any prank for me. i still feel so hepy n appreciated.
special thanx to tc, asha, jay n mus, n dear peeya.hhuhu..these people gv me special wishes.

thanx to the parents as well...deliver me n t8 gud care of me until today.=]. n sisters who wish me after abah remind them.hehhe.=p

many people wish me ' hope jmpe jodoh yg baik n kawin cepat'.huhu.amINNN.

there's one wish from this one person..i was deeply touched. thnx dear fren, cant believe u wish me.=]

okey..thats 21 now.getting older n wiser..perhaps.heeeeeee...but tc said im even more immature after my bday.sudahlaaa kau tc.wek.=p

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the life

hope everyone enjoy the family day+welcoming gath+special general meeting held this morning.
as for me, i tink m very messy handling the registeration counter. sorry to everyone.=[
i'll improve mysev.=p
it was fun...huhuhuhu..the fear factor cuisine was crazy...haha.i dunno how can others swallow everything in. 
am i having fun? yes. looking fwd the next event! gala nyte~.

rahsia hati. sofea dedicate me this song. i loike it.
mmm...the lyrics r meaningful kan.
...decide not to tink too much about the unimportant...gud luck syarifah.!


the spirit is getting stronger...dear raudhatus sakinah's..gud luck.!

' cast away all discouraging thoughts that make u feel helpless, and focus on success, then u will never fail'


clasmates....we r goin to be busy this week.get ready!!!!
hope that Allah swt will gv me the bless of time so that i can finish all the given task by the due date.insyaAllah.


pray that everything goes right. but if it isn't, i always noe where to turn to.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


huuu...da abes assignment due for this week.lega nak mati..

mm..PDC lost all games. but 2 games was gud.only the first one i felt so stupid.
the position was wrong. sorry coach. but this is true. we've been playing for almost 2 years..only the 1st sem syah help us.huhu..the other sems..we r on our own kn..remember?

so..i tink it's better to decide oursev..who cn play which position.'s just ok..everyhting was least no injuries. n thanx to coach jgk..for supporting us. SITH was very always..=]
oh..gud luck 4 tomorrow people!

Friday, March 13, 2009

hatiku tidak salamah..

aku punya cinta yg saaangat byk.
tapi hatiku tidak salamah?
aku saangat ingin menjadi seorg yg salim.
punya hati yg salamah. 
aku terlaaalu menyayangi sehingga membuatkan aku benci.
tp aku tidak begitu kejam utk berdendam.
aku ingin sekali difahami

aku da tade idea..nnti nk tnye sifu asha.

aku dah terinfluence dgn wordings aishahwho. aku x suke berbahasa sbnrnye.hakhakhak
nk wat tag album aku full ngn gmbr2 buruk ku. tidak secomel gmbr liyana.=[

oh..hepy bday mau!..seronok tgk mau digari....n berbau busok..penangan telur basi..wekk.aku pn termuntah td.

aku tidak ke daurah.bkn kerana aku x mahu ke daurah. tp aku x mampu.this week aku sgt byk bermain juge byk ke aktiviti agama juge byk assignment. aku rs sgt penat tp aku xthn nk main futsal n 'rugbi sentuhan'.salah ke? mm..da byk ari aku x dpt nikmat mkn. tp aku mkn. tp..tapela..Allah syg org yg lapar kn..yg sedih..

oh..aku miss parents aku. aku mungkin anak plg sensitip.everytime kol mak musti berlinang air mata..walopon tgh gembire.haih.pelik jgk aku nih. 
mmm...nnti ade field trip..gune duit sniri?uni apekah ini..aku pn x phm asal uni x cover cost field trip. kenelaaaa mnx ngn abah lg..nnti akak2 ckp aku suke mengahbiskan duit mak abah..walopon betul..aku tadela teruk sgt sbnrnye..aku ni jimat jgk orgnye.=p

sebenarnye..aku blum siap sedi..hsemate aku pn pelik dgn keadaan aku yg ala2 rilex tp cuak sbb x siap kije lg..dorg da jauhhhhhh tinggal tape..insyaAllah siap.

moge2 masatoshi x strict sgt bg mark...aminnn.

Monday, March 9, 2009

hoPes n dreaMs.

firstly, sorry if the title hv nothing to do wit the content.=p

last week was hectic.lucky me i didn't go to Bekenu. heard it was fun..but..i dun feel regret
 either.huhu.see la..if next tym ade lg..n im free..then..i'll go.=]

there r loads of assignmentss..n loads of study materials..which i dun hv enuff tym to go thru all of them. but i'll try.

yesterday was asha bday but she's not ere.m so lookin fwd to see her tomorrow.! today is islah's bday..but m not one of the prank-er.huu.

yesterday, i went to Peryatim..spent some times wit the orphans playing badminton n 'kaki tiga' n borak2.huhu..i met this one girl..form 1..she's so excited meeting kakak2. i borak2 wit her...she told me she loves reading..she finished reading 'limpahan darah di sungai semur'. literature novel, from 1. i still remember ive never read any of malay literature novel. i only read the
 summary during exam week. huu..m so shock that this girl finished reading the book in just a few days. i went home after maghrib, n she sempat ask me to come again n bring her books n teach her english. hmm..m so touch by her, before went back, me, k.ada, k.jam, n mirah stop at the bookstore to buy sum stuff n did bought her two story books.murah but i hope she's hepy.!=p

im reading a very interesting book ryt now.
title: YOU CAN BE THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD.a treasur chest of reminder.
auhtor: Dr 'A'id al -Qarni.

a motivational book..full of great quotation n a perfect company for a woman.=].it's from the surau..err..sorry circuit.

mm..m sorry for wutever i did that hurt anybody.we r still fren, we'll always be.

'Be content with that which Allah has decreed for you, and you will be the richest of people.'