Sunday, June 23, 2013

Such a big Miracle in such a little girl~ Aisyah Al Humaira

"Thank Allah for what u have &  Trust Allah for what u need"

After 3 days of delivery baru boleh turun katil & happy2. Masih gemoks =p
Her birth weight is 1.26kg. Intubated for 24 hours & start using CPAP to breath.

After almost a month she start to use a normal nasal prong.   

Good improvement in terms of breathing. See how big my hand is..and how small she is. 

Everything was good...her weight improves..but somehow she got diagnosed with NEC ( Necrotizing Enterocolitis), UTI (Urine tract infection) & low HB that requires blood transfusion. Went thru a week of antibiotik & puasa susu. Only Allah knows how upside down my life was. 

1st time nurse give chance to hold aisyah for a few minutes. The most beautiful moment of my get to hold her for the first time after a month!

Yeah..aisyah is now 1.6kg..can get out of incubator already..IM free! (after 50 days)

I stayed 1 week with her in NICU. We both learn how to direct feeding & here starts our bonding session. ;)
Tangan still ada line..coz somehow her UTI recur. 3x change line coz her vein cpt bengkak kan..kesian anak mama. :(

Hubby came everyday to visit us. ;). He's always there for me. Thank u Allah for sending him to me. I can't imagine my life without him.

Im home! 1.9 kg. 

Seronokkkan balik rumahh! hehe. 
Mama took another 2 months of unpaid leave to take care of Aisyah.

Aisyah is getting bambam.

After a month at home aisyah & mama went back to Terengganu for 2 weeks.

4 months! Aisyah's last follow up test for UTI. Alhamdulillah doc reviewed her test and now Aisyah is free from UTI!

WE love u Aisyah!

I wrote this down so that i won't forget the most beautiful moment of my life. -mama-


  1. Well done dear Mummy and baby Aisyah! I'm happy for both of you. Insha Allah....she will be grow bigger and bigger....

  2. It was a tough journey to be remembered for the whole family..for what ever it is may Aisyah Al-Humaira will grown up as a healthy girl,good muslimah and make mama & ayah a proud for her life achievements..ameen..inshaAllah.