Friday, June 19, 2009

hiS shoEs~

HIs Shoes.

He wears a shoe and a shoe

A nice and a smelly shoe

The left side is so dreadful

The other is just oh beautiful

One leg, he keeps stepping on mud

The other always sinks in flower bud

Till here, I wonder how he does that

To have been sipping life of good and bad

When I stare, his face is just as naïve

Somehow, it's carrying a story I couldn’t dive

No, I’m pretty sure you still couldn't tell

How long has he survived in real hell

Please, don’t look on which he has failed

But pity on the harsh life he has hailed

I suppose, all you need to do is endure

And pray for him to wake up and cure

For he couldn’t nibble the shoes he dresses

It's for you and me to let him know how they taste

* copy this from a'ishah.

- hepy holiday dear frens. may this semester tot us a lot in leading us to b a better person, to have a good, great life in here n in the hereafter. chuck every woe~
see ya next semester!

Friday, June 12, 2009

How to achieve a happy life.

Im a bit bored tho i noe ive a lot to study.just gv myself a break to share good things wit other people.=]. i share this wit my usrahmate just now n i tink it's quite good n decide to post it.

1. do a work that u love. if u cannot do that, then find a hobby that u love and do it in ur spare tym and reinforce it.

2. take care of ur health for it is the spirit of happiness. this means being moderate in eating and drinking, exercising regularly and avoiding bad habits.

3. have a goal in life, for this will give u motivation and energy.

4. take life as it comes, and accept the bitter and the sweet.

5. live in present, with no regret for the past and no anxiety about tomorrow that has not come yet.

6. think hard about any action or decision, and do not blame anyone else for ur decision or its consequences.

7. look at those who are worse off than u

8. have the habit of smiling and being cheerful, and keep company with optimistic people.

9.strive to make others happy so that u may benefit from the atmosphere of happiness.

10. make the most of occasion of happiness and joy, and regard then as necessary to renew ur own happiness.

~frustation is your worst enemy , for it has the power to destroy peace of mind~

go mineralogy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exam moDE:

final exam start next week on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Sedimentology
Wednesday: Geophysics
Thursday: Paleontology n Structural geology

3 days gap; and then the last paper..Mineralogy.
..Mapping got no final paper..all depends on field trip assignments..

hurmm..this sem we hv only one week study week.. not like prevoius2 two weeks to prepare..

but..that's not the reason to escape.i hv to score no matter wut..alhamdulillah i pass all my practical exams..

gala nyte last monday was great..Thank u Allah..everything went smoothly tho there were so many unorganize matter backstage..

..pray me luck.!i dun want to repeat any paper...not even supplementary ..i wnt to hv a very nice holiday wit family n frens back in west msia.

n also to my frens n juniors n seniors....gud luck in final exams..!chaiyoookkkkkk.