Sunday, October 26, 2008

life was so busy lately...nxt week is stdy week..but still need to submit field trip report n paleo lab on monday.
ive been thinking of writing this after got back from usrah last week..but im so tired to start typing..
it's about love.huhu..'marahiluttafa u'li bissyahadatain' (tahapan berinteraksi dengan syahadat)

the first level is 'love'.to grow the love for Allah s.w.t...'almahabbah'.or in hindustan we usually heard's the same meaning.=]

hmm..talking about true love. i read sumwhere..saying dat true love nie..we need to grow will nvr come easily..n it's not like love yg suddenly wut we always herd..tibe2 rase cinta? true.=p

cinta n kasih sayang tu sume dtg dr Allah s.w.t.we cannot stop it. but we hv to remind oursev dat we need to get control over that feeling..bukn that feeling yg control kite. this is when Allah s.w.t cn test kite handle nikmat Allah s.w.t. kalo kita x misused nikmat Allah s.w.t ni insyaAllah berkekalan..

emm..rasenye cm dh slh topic..huhu.but it's related la gk kn.
how to grow the love? bwat sesuatu kerana-Nya..tinggalknlah ape2 yg bukan kerana's not easy tho..but cn be done.=]

there r few other levels..but m tired to write all about it..hehe.~

what im trying to say here is: mm..cintailah Allah s.w.t...nescaya kite akan redha dgn ketentuannya..smoge Dia juga redha akn kita..

hmm...smoge ape yg dikarutkn ini..ade pointnyer..=p
as a reminder, to myself...n to whoever that gonna read this post..;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

penatnyerr..hukhuk penat this week. last nite i finished 2 assgments..environmental geology n's fun but so tiring..wut to do..ive to pay for my lazyness..always do last im not feeling well few days back..migrain..flu..cold..sorethroat..huu..pity me.=[

back in miri..this week onward will be the most busyest period of this sem..just imagine we hv to chase the tym to complete all exam..haih..

i feel so empty inside..mybe because ive so many works..always daydreaming..enjoy life too much..jiwang aje..these all makes me spent too little tym to be close to's already syawal..that's what usually happen to muslims..after ramadhan past. life gets back to 'normal'.huuuu..

current condition: m hepyyy???huhuh.probably
status: single??probably

conclusion? no not ready for any transition state..hehe.but im hepy for wut i currently have..thank u Allah!

this is my boy!

picS raya.=]

sElamat ari raya to all. da lmbt ke? br raye-8 meh..huhu

these r few pics tym raya+blk kg aritu..huhu...this year's raya not bad loh..tho not all of the family members gather, this raya still got its own meaning for me.

yana n family still in london..miss u guys so much. other cousins pon raya overseas jgk. anak2 dara only me, dhani, k.yong, k.ijan, bibi n aji..but still..sonok je gosip2.huhuhuhu.

the most happiest people during raya was nephews loh..haih. but being an adult also no bad lots of duit raya..(thanx to my akak2 n auntie2 n uncle2.)=p

m sory to all my frens...coz i didn't wish any of u guys during raya..sowi sgt..pity izafi..she called me when i was waiting at lcct for my nxt flight to miri.huhu..sik smpt jmpa gik raya nie.