Friday, May 14, 2010

all my 'faults' are 'stress' related

i thought final year will be easy n relax~

but this is the other way around.

so many presentations...and it's a matter of surviving the stage fright every time. alhamdulillah m getting better. i think.^_^

my oil-extraction experiment failed. all 21 samples rejected by the lecturer..80-90% water he said. n i got migrain thinking where did the water come from?!
n i suspect..mybe from the ultra-sonic water bath?!, asha, n chong need to redo the experiment. find the best method possible to get the zero water-oil extract. this is actually not the biggest thing. but to proceed with another big test ive to settle this one Allah ease the way. iA.

if this is so..i have to shorten my holiday...need to buy new tickets..need to ask for money.again.=(

good luck.

Rabbi Yassir wala tu-assir. Rabbi tham-mim bil hayr. Rabbi zidni ilman war-zuqni fahman.

O my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me. O My Lord, let my affairs end with goodness. O my Lord, increase my knowledge and grant me understanding.