Sunday, November 23, 2008

miGraIn or geNius? biggest enemy.huhu.last exm week was hectic.ive tried my very best to manage time for stdy, rest, n fun tym.

afterall..i tink,i did it said..dun stdy too much..huhu..becoz she doesn't wnt me to suffer fr migrain-->take lots of painkiller-->make worst of mysev. hmm.i cannot stdy too cn i score?

Allah s.w.t will help us as long as we hope n pray to Him..the only mom said. yeap...dats undeniable isnt it.

i always make sure i hd enuff sleep(8hours) per day.i stdy half day(make fully use of it) n the rest of the tym..i rest(poye2). it works. ive reduced the dose of painkillers@panadol.

i stop stdying at least an hour before exm..not even discussing..i hd some nap. ppl might see see me as a cool person..or lazy..or bajet i dun long as i cn avoid stress..which will later lead to Migrain.

during chem exm..i got luckily..i still cn answer most of the qs.thnk u Allah.even during geology 102(structural geology) i suffer frm's damn adventurous..struggling with flu...essays..and drawings..during the most critical unit's exm. i answer very fast...n get out of the room very early. some pple may tink m too genius cn answer very fast..n some my tink m bajet like always..haha..n some may be pity of me..tgk me not feeling well lyk dat...but the truth is..alhamdulillah i cn do all..but maybe not as successful as others..n i need to go out early becoz i cannot stand the m ashame of mysev making noises along the exam period..coughing n sneezing.huhu..gross.

i always wnt to be a smart student..very hardworking..the one who cn work best under pressure..n a person who is very determine in study..but i just can''s fated.isn't it?

i cn only try my best..i wnt to live longer..i herd stress will lead to cancer..i easily get stress ive to manage my stress level very well. family's health history was scary.huhu.i dunt really burst out no matter how big my problem is..i usually keep problems wonder i got migrain...

i may not get the best of everything in my life.but all i noe is i'll make the best out of everything i hv in life..=)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

test papers..mlsnyer nk stdy blk.urghhh

hoaa..full retest paper neh.=p

ya Allah...m so tired to stdy chemistry..i envy asha coz she cn happily edit her blog while i suffer stdying chemistry bcoz geo 108's impact havn't leave me yet.
i envy my sister n cousins oso becoz they cn blogging always no matter how bz they r.hukhuk

y shud we take chem 144 final test????????x phm...supposed we dun hv to.haih..pelik tol curtin neh.hmm..can't wait to finish chemistry 144...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa