Sunday, July 24, 2011

p & A ?

Adakah patut 'Plug & Abandone' saja blog ini?

or...Plug & Suspend?

it has been too long since i last wrote in this blog.

working has me turn into a career woman with no life.

i don't do shopping as much.

i don't go travel or sightseeing as much..though i'd really like to go to bird's park! pls someone bring me there pls.

i rarely balik kg...'just got back from terengganu mode' i miss my small parents...2 days holiday obviously not enough for me

but i can't take leave too ive lots of things to do in office..

ive so many things to learn...

i may need to go offshore when required..

the conclusion is..dont really have much time to chill and write new post..=)

but i love this blog too much that i just cant simply plug & abandone it.

goodnite love..