Tuesday, December 23, 2008

pasting asha's

having so much in mind....hormonal..disturbia..huhuhuhu..byk tol masalah pompuan neh.haih.

hmm..this one poem from asha really touch me inside..=p..so i decided to paste it here..plus i dunno wut to write..hehe

love at first sight, i believe no
lovers come, lovers go
if i leave, im not romeo
maybe just another gigolo

im not a man anymore
hopes i grow and then i throw
mankind couldn't be such low
she just couldn't take much more

curse on me to kill her feeling
happy with new one, but she's dying
great love's within me, her tears flowing
i care but i have a brand new darling

this poem reflects every brokenhearted women...isn't it.so was me.