Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Giveaway: Mommy Bloggers Network by the HEHS lady
As-salamu alaykum and Hi,

So..this gonna be my first post after 2 years?!!

I'm joining this giveaway and hopefully I could win World Organic gift set worth RM50. Click the banner to know the details!
So, here we go;
In my blogging journey, these are my favourite mommy bloggers:-

1. Powerful Mothering (NicoletteRoux) 
This is my go-to blog when it comes to kids activities ideas and busy book DIY ideas. She also offers free printables for kids flashcard. How awesome is that?!!

2. the HEHS lady (A'ishah K.)
This is my friend's blog and you will love it! She inspire me to start blogging again after two years idle. She is a rare kind of person. Worth stalking!

3. Ups & Downs (Sy3p) 
This is my blog >_< It has been suspended for quite sometimes. Been busy mothering lately until a friend came and inspired me to start over! InsyaAllah will make a come back full of parenting sharing and tips insyaaAllah. 

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